Operative is one of the few classes left without a defensive cooldown usable while stunned. CCing the Focus Target during these periods is particularly effective. You can determine the likelihood of being focused by a combination of your previous game’s history and the enemy team’s composition; If the enemy team has a comp with high burst, lots of CC, and Electro Net, the chances of you being focused increase. Here is an example of what good User Interface can look like: Focus Target is something you’ll rarely see people use, yet it can significantly improve your effectiveness in PvP. Sleep DartPuts the target to sleep for 8 seconds. Additionally, when Assault Plastique damages a target, the target will become Susceptible, increasing the damage it takes from tech attacks by 5% for 45 seconds. A common mistake Operatives make is overlapping their Evasion with Exfiltrate, negating the benefits Evasion provides. A few limitations of using this tactical to note are: Secondly, we have Acid Lash. FQN: itm. InfiltrateCloaks all group members within 10 meters of you in a temporary stealth field that lasts 15 seconds. Browse the. Focus Target: You want this toggled on. Seeing the Empire weakened, Toborro decides to continue Karagga's campaign of expansion, but with the planet Makeb at the heart of a new era of Hutt conquest—for Makeb is home to deposits of the incredibly rare and powerful mineral known as isotope-5. Susceptible targets take 5% more damage from tech attacks. However, you want to make sure you use your hard stuns with purpose by synchronising them with your Volatile Strike burst, ideally when the enemy target has no strong DCD active. You’ll also have no resolve, so it’s unlikely you’ll get off two unmitigated Debilitates. Because Exfiltrate grants immunity (longer than the tooltip suggests), using it immediately before breaking the Static Barrier allows you to resist the following CC. In Interface Editor you should enable or tweak the following settings: Target of Target and Cast bar: You want this enabled. Revealing WeaknessDamage dealt by Volatile Substance marks the target with Revealing Weakness, allowing your next Backstab against the target to be useable while face-to-face with the target and treated as though you attacked from stealth. A particular slow you’ll want to be aware of is Fury Marauder and Rage Juggernaut’s Force Crush, which can slow you up to 95% the moment before it expires. It’s worth reminding yourself which of the enemy’s CC you’re able to cleanse. No downloads, plugins or registration required! Backstab grants Calculated Frenzy, which increases ranged and tech critical chance by 10% for 15 seconds. Aggressive Opener: In this opener, you will close the distance between yourself and the enemy team as quickly as possible. Since Electro Net deals more damage to you when you move, you want to stand still to reduce your damage received. With any heal comes the opportunity cost of doing damage. Marauder / Sentinel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​marauder.​undying_cloak, It hungers but for what? Toxin ScanCleanses a friendly target of up to 2 negative tech or physical effects. Cleansing your teammates when they are CCed will greatly improve your success in ranked arenas. Guaranteed high burst on a reasonably short cool down. You can contact me directly via discord at Alim#6852. Exfiltrate – While rolling, your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks is increased by 30%. Maintaining a player advantage – In arenas, each team will have an enemy target they will try to kill as quickly as possible. Buff and Debuff sort type: Time remaining – Organises buffs and debuffs by the length of time they have remaining before expiring, improving your ability to track them. Also, since Hard Stuns keep you stationary, you’re enabling your teammate to keep up with an enemy target preventing any downtime he may have experienced, which may benefit your uptime, especially if your teammate has a CC available. Assassin tanks are one of the three tank classes in SWTOR. Opening quickly can generate early momentum and dictate positioning in your team’s favour. Sever TendonThrows a knife at the target, dealing X kinetic damage and slowing the target’s movement speed by 50% for 12 seconds. DoT– Damage over Time ability 5. Focus Target Modifier is the key you will press and hold for an ability to go on the Focus Target. Only usable while in stealth mode. If Stimboost is not available, it may be wise to use Tactical Overdrive to reset its and Shield Probes cooldown. Susceptible targets take 5% more damage from tech attacks. Maximise uptime when you have defensive cooldowns up, and the enemy player does not. You can also change the cooldown style. Cooldown style 2 is the clearest for me, so that’s what I use, though this will be personal preference to a degree. Keep an eye on your and the enemy team’s positioning, ranged classes in particular, as they could be an opportunity to Holotraverse toward and getaway. Stimboost enables Operatives to dish out damage while receiving it. Toxin Scan also cleanses Hard Stuns from Operative, Sniper, Mercenary, and Powertech. Complete SWTOR Concealment 6.0+ Operative Guide (Damage, PvP only), suitable for both beginner players and more advanced and experienced veterans, who seek to improve their performance! 3. Damage will break the effect prematurely. Kolto Probes are a heal over time. Annihilation Marauder / Watchman Sentinel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​marauder.​annihilation.​rapid_rupture, A finely carved, solid rock mask depicting the Frangawl Demon of War. Strike Tactics is an HTML5 multiplayer sci-fi RTS which plays in your browser. Requires Level 75 Requires , Equip: Refreshing Rupture deals double damage on initial hit. Holotraverse – Holotraverse quickly moves you to a friendly or enemy target up to 30 metres away and increases your movement speed by 75% for 3 seconds. Like Acid Lash, using this tactical instead of Volatile Strike will leave you with a lacklustre burst preventing you from securing kills. Requires and consumes a Tactical Advantage. Diagnostic ScanHeals a friendly target for X over 3 seconds. [toc] Intro Preface There are two main things want to briefly mention before going into the actual guide. Heal/ 3 DPS games when your healer is CCed – In Heal/3 DPS games, each team will typically focus all their CC on the enemy healer reducing their healing output as much as possible. Multiple teammates are taking damage – If you have a melee dominant team facing an AOE team or are in a Tank/ 3DPS game where typically 3 targets are taking damage, you should be maintaining Kolto Probes on multiple teammates. Cannot be used against enemy targets in cover. This effect cannot occur more than once every 10 seconds. I often see people wasting abilities on random targets after their primary target vanishes, and the game automatically targets the person nearest to you. Any time you are either rooted or slowed by an Operative, Sniper, Mercenary, or Powertech, there’s a good chance Toxin Scan can purge the effect. Therefore, you want to get as much damage reduction as possible running via Kolto Probes, Revitalizers, Warzone Adrenal, Shield Probe, and Evasion. Cannot be used while immobilized or hindered. Seismic GrenadeDisrupts the earth beneath all targets within 6 meters of the selected area, dealing X kinetic damage and knocking them unconscious for 5 seconds. I wouldn’t go higher than 0.5 for your ability queue window and recommend most people to use 0.25 or even 0. Kolto Probes last 18 seconds, so there’s a good chance that the HOTs expire before your team enters combat, especially if they spawn camp. If you’re running a 1.4 GCD alacrity build, your critical rating should be in the range of 3200 to 4070. Does not break stealth. Instead of building workers, gathering resources, and recruiting individual units, players are granted resources based on how many planets the player controls. This means they tick 4 times throughout the entirety of the cast. Additionally, to aid your survivability, Concealment has access to CC in Crippling Slice, Sever Tendon, Debilitate, and Flash Bang. LoS– Line of Sight 2. You can use the period in which you’re waiting to open to back-to-back Sleep Dart your team’s CC target. An integral aspect of Concealment’s survival is the ability to kite via the following abilities: Exfiltrate – Exfiltrate allows Concealment to frequently create distance between you and your enemies by rolling forward 12 meters. 3. Susceptible targets take 5% more damage from tech attacks. The next thing you’ll want to do is begin placing 2x Kolto Probes on yourself and each of your teammates. Definitions 1. Subscribed to SWTOR in the past, but haven't been referred for 90+ days? Exfiltrate has 2 ability charges and recharges one charge every 8 seconds. Defeating an opponent or activating Shiv or Hidden Strike puts you in a position of Tactical Advantage, increasing all damage dealt by 2% and enabling the use of executions for 10.0 seconds. The area in which Toxin Scan is especially effective is cleansing CC, including Mezzes and Hard Stuns. Therefore, if you were to Vanish directly after breaking Net, the DOT would damage and reveal you. Executes your Tactical Advantage to drop a canister that fills the vicinity with poisonous gas, dealing : 1>> internal damage to up to 8 enemy targets within 8 meters over 6 seconds. You’ll also want to mentally note which of your teammates is most likely to be focused so you can keep an eye on them for support play. Isotope-5 is capable of warping electromagnetic and gravitational fields, and a gra… The only time I can see this tactical potentially be worth taking in PvP is huttball. Imperial I-class Star Destroyers had over 37,000 crew on board— 9,235 officers and 27,850 enlisted personnel. Verdict: Leave Acid Lash for the target dummy. Master Jutsu perfected this move shortly before the sacking of Coruscant. It’s important not to delay your opener too long because you’re giving the enemy team a player advantage. Use my referral link to sign up and get a FREE Preferred Friends Bundle and 7 Free Days of Subscription! Requires and consumes Tactical Advantage.Instant CCing the Enemy targets while Netted with either Flash Bang or Seismic Grenade can also help you survive. Overall, this is the most versatile utility set-up and one I would recommend for most situations: 1. Cloaking ScreenOverloads your stealth generator, immediately exiting combat and entering stealth mode. Therefore, supporting a teammate with offheals or CC during the period where they are stunned and focused can be greatly beneficial. Prey on the WeakLaceration deals 10% more damage to targets affected by your acid blade. A lot of Concealment players struggle to find the right balance between off-healing too much or too little. Here is a comprehensive list of all the Tactical Items currently available in 6.0. For Heal + 3 DPS and Tank + Healer games, you should put the enemy healer on your focus target to prioritise using your CC and interrupts to reduce their healing output. Veiled Strike(Only If you want to trigger your Volatile Substance). BackstabIf Volatile Substance is already on cooldown, or has just been triggered by Veiled Strike, Backstab will be your highest priority since it’s your highest damage ability. Equip: Refreshing Rupture deals double damage on initial hit. Doing so will extend the duration of your team’s player advantage, improving your chances of winning the match. Movement speed is reduced to 85% of normal while in stealth. Damage – The Damage playstyle is one in which a player will prioritise DPS over everything. Cloaking Screen – In general, Cloaking Screen should be used when you’re on low health to leave combat and regenerate to full. If you were to CC an enemy Merc’s teammate, you then give him the possibility of cleansing, countering your Flash. Up to 2 charges of Tactical Advantage can exist at once. Amplified Champion will provide you up to an extra 0.4% of Tech Wizardry. Fortunately, you’re able to use Countermeasures while netted, so the speed increased can help you transition to LOS. For better sustained, stay on the lower end of this range. Just make sure to call for back up if things start to go south. You can experiment with the different Concealment playstyles: You can fight at the middle to practice maximising your DPS output by sticking on targets and swapping between them when they use a strong DCD. At level 20 you need to have Corrosive Dart on a target to trigger Tactical Opportunity and have a … Lastly, if you’re able to create breathing room between you and your opponent’s either by kiting or CC, you want to use this opportunity to Kolto Infusion yourself and gain some health back. The tactical would become useless if an arena came down to a 1v1 between you and an enemy. SWTOR 5.0 Medicine Operative PvE Guide by Mac. With how little you are entering and re-entering combat in the average PvP match or duel, you can’t justify taking either Alpha Strike or En Garde. Therefore, having at least one Exfiltrate charge available when Cloaking Screen can be necessary to safely stealth out and avoid any AoE or Stealth Scans. One thing to note about these two openers is that they will only work with a 1.3 GCD or a 1.4 GCD + Stim Boost active because it requires a 1.3 GCD to fit 3 GCDs in a 4-second stun. You can try defending a node by dueling any attacking player, or if there are multiple enemies, you can stall them for as long as possible and practice your ability to survive and kite. You may think that because Hard Stuns only last 4 seconds, it’s not worth the hassle of trying to cleanse them. Tactics Vanguard 5.x DPS SWTOR class guide. If you manage to get your hands on the new tier of augments, your critical rating can reach as high as 2950 (roughly). With Electro Net preventing high mobility escapes and vanishes, you won’t be able to Exfiltrate or Cloaking Screen while netted, which are Concealment’s two biggest defensive cooldowns. Apex predators of the planet Af'El, Defel can bend light around themselves to hunt from the shadows. To successfully regenerate, it’s essential to create enough distance between you and the enemy players to avoid being interrupted. Therefore, you should be winning 1v1s against other classes in most circumstances. In the wake of Karagga's death, the Hutt Toborro seizes the leadership of the Hutt Cartel, establishing himself as the new Supreme Mogul with Szajin, as his right-hand man. Damage causes this effect to end prematurely. Tactical Opportunity - lvl 20 - Collateral Strike immediately re-grants Tactical Advantage when hitting a poisoned target. It is viable for every single fight but shines in some more than others. You may argue that stunning a target that is debuffed by sedatives is a waste but getting an unmitigated burst during the stun or forcing a CC break is more valuable. Overall, when you consider the somewhat insignificant % of burst lost and factor in the benefits of high alacrity, I would recommend going for the 1.3 GCD, especially with the recent introduction of higher tier augments. The following icon appears on a teammate’s debuffs on the operation frames when flashed: . CD– Cooldown 11. If you’ve recently placed Volatile Substance on a target but your veiled strike is not yet available, it can be worth delaying your backstab until you can trigger the Volatile Substance with Veiled Strike and subsequently benefit from the Prepared Strike buff. With the right tactical, your sustained DPS is also pretty high compared to how it was before. 4. It’s also crucial to mitigate the enemy’s powerful abilities via your defensive cooldowns and interrupts. annihilation. Executes your Tactical Advnatage to drop a canister that fills the vicinity with poisonous gas, dealing internal damage to up to 8 enemy targets within 8 meters over 6 seconds. Marauder / Sentinel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​marauder.​grievous_wounds, It has always been inside you. Cannot be used in combat. Initiating with Volatile Substance or Debilitate:As soon as an enemy target sees you apply Volatile Substance, they will typically react by popping a defensive cooldown or using CC on you. You can attempt to capture the enemy node using Sleep Dart on the defender and clicking the turret in quick succession. Although, it’s not uncommon for you to be able to land a third GCD before the opponent can react with a 1.4 GCD due to latency and delay that seems to occur after a stun expires, preventing an opponent from activating specific DCDs in the 0.2-second window of GCD downtime after the stun ends. One thing to be careful of when triggering Volatile Strike with Veiled Strike is to ensure that Backstab will be off cooldown within 6 seconds, as a minimum, to make sure you don’t lose the automatic critical Backstab. There are three tactical options for concealment PvP: Volatile Strike, Acid Lash and Explosive Cells. Debilitator vs Tactician:The only two real options for this spec are either Debilitator or Tactician. A nice trick to help support a teammate trying to kite away is to Sever Tendon an enemy and follow it with a Crippling Slice. For competitive PvP Tech wizardry amplifiers provide the highest boost to overall DPS of all the potential amplifiers and should be your only choice. To help improve your awareness in PvP you should have a clear User Interface which maximises the information you’re able to absorb. ExfiltrateRoll forward 12 meters. In addition, damage dealt by Veiled Strike causes the target to become susceptible for x seconds. Annihilation Marauder / Watchman Sentinel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​marauder.​annihilation.​bloodbound_ravager, Keep your time, give them pity. After a stun expires on an enemy, it’s very typical of them to try and return with their CC, so this is an opportunity to Exfiltrate to resist the CC. Shield Probe – Shield Probe absorbs a small amount of damage and can be used on cooldown. If used from stealth, Backstab deals Y kinetic damage and grants a Tactical Advantage. Abilities and CC with a sound cue, travel time, delayed activation, or cast, can be reactively rolled. The next decision you’ll have to make is on how to open. The game features a brand new style of play to make things a bit more realistic. Another limitation of this tactical is that the fewer enemies you face, the less benefit you gain. Therefore, opening with Debilitate from stealth or when swapping to a target prevents any chance to respond. Show Cooldown Text: You want this toggled on. For higher critical hits, stay on the higher end. The highest priority heals with a cast you want to be interrupting are as follows: An important thing to note is that all the abilities above (excluding Revivification) are a channel. The first option reduces your global cooldown (GCD) to 1.4 seconds and significantly reduces the cooldown of your offensive abilities and crowd control. Thus, understanding the enemy class is the key to reliably winning duels. Annihilation Marauder / Watchman Sentinel Tactical, FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​marauder.​annihilation.​exterminator, Master Jutsu perfected this move shortly before the sacking of Coruscant. However, this isn’t much of an issue if you hold the camera position with your left click. Therefore, you can cleanse Mezzes from Snipers and other Operatives. Requires and consumes Tactical Advantage. This is particularly effective against Snipers, for example, as you can catch them off-guard without their Entrench, preventing them from reaching the high ground for knockbacks and force them to fight near their Phasewalk. At the start of an arena, you’ll have the benefit of starting from stealth, and the enemy target will have defensive cooldowns/ CC breaker available, so I would recommend opening with Debilitate. Highlight Effects Enabled – Highlights any personally applied buffs or debuffs, helps to distinguish your HOTs or DOTs from your teammates. With this off, you can kite in the opposite direction of the enemies with your camera positioned towards them, allowing you to be aware of anyone chasing you. However, you can benefit from Prepared Strike on any enemy target since it’s a personal buff, in contrast to Acid Blade, which is a debuff to that particular enemy. However, traveling as far away as possible from the enemy team is not required as it will only extend your time out of the fight. 3) Grand Moff Regus has recruited you for Operation Dark Ice, a raid on the icy and remote world of Ilum. However, if you won’t have trouble sticking to a target or your defensive capabilities aren’t as important, Tactician can be a viable choice. Mez– CC that breaks on damage taken (Flash Bang) 10. The highest priority heals and DPS abilities with a cast you should be interrupting are: Sorcerer’s Polarity Shift, Mercenary’s Energy shield and Supercharged Gas can provide immunity to interrupts for the duration, so that’s something to pay attention to by checking buffs on the Focus Target Frame. Therefore, unless you’re not susceptible to CC (full resolve), you’ll typically want to refresh your Kolto Probes sooner than every 18 seconds. The two 2 second root from the Sever Tendon “baits” the enemy’s root cleanse, leaving him susceptible to the full 4-second duration of Crippling Slice. With the diminishing returns of applying more and more stats into critical rating, you can expect your Backstab auto-crit to be roughly 5.5% lower with a higher alacrity build compared with a higher critical. Thus, I would generally recommend only using Evasion when you’re full resolve if your purpose is to deflect white damage unless certain you won’t be stunned during it. With Concealment’s best healing ability (Kolto Probe) being a heal over time (HOT) you want to be pre-emptive with your usage of Kolto Probes by applying them early and maintaining them throughout a fight. Waiting for a beneficial time to re-enter combat may be warranted, especially since you may be low on DCDs. Shield ProbeSummons a probe droid that projects a shield around the Agent for up to 10 seconds, absorbing X damage. Therefore, you want to make sure you are standing directly behind a target when using this ability, preventing them from being able to hit you. Since Operative is very vulnerable without their CC breaker, if forced to use your breaker early, you’ll need to adjust your gameplay accordingly. sow. 0.1 seconds isn’t a great deal of time, but it could be the difference between you managing to roll an enemy CC or high damage ability and not. Full resolve can last between as little as 10-15 seconds, with the quantity of CC in SWTOR breaking the first white bar you receive can leave you susceptible to being killed once this short period is over. If your teammate has no HOTs and you decide you want to both apply Kolto Infusion and 2x Kolto Probes, your priority will be to Kolto Infusion before using Kolto Probes for two reasons: In general, there are a few situations where your emphasis should switch to support: Toxin Scan – Cleanses a friendly target of up to 2 negative tech or physical effects. Using the LOS tactic just mentioned, you can force the enemy team to stack up, allowing you to catch multiple enemies in your Flash Bang. Crippling Slice not only prevents a target from moving but also from turning. Evasion purges all DOTs that are currently on you. For PvP I recommend using 1213 (7.15%) alacrity or 3208 (15.39%) alacrity. As with the Set Bonus options, let’s first explain what they do before I go into detail on what to pick. Therefore, Evasion can be used to cleanse any high damage dealing DOTs such as Demolish. As of now it is not yet available for play but that will change soon undoubtedly. Written for VULKK.com by Alim. The second reduces your GCD to 1.3 seconds and the cooldown of offensive abilities and CC even further. Therefore, as your seventh piece of armour, you can use Amplified Champion: This equipment shell is enhanced with additional powerful amplifier opportunities up to the first prototype quality. DCD– Defensive Cooldown 12. While rolling, your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks is increased by 30%. Adrenaline ProbeSummons a droid that helps you recover 50 energy over 3 seconds. If you’re looking to improve your 1v1 game or climb out of “ELO hell” then this guide is for you. However, if you combine a 1.4 GCD (7.15% alacrity) with Stimboost (+10% alacrity for 15 seconds), you’ll reach 17.15% alacrity giving you a 1.3 GCD for that period of time. Additional kinetic damage teammates are too far behind found it helpful in some more than others to enter combat you! The player as soon as possible in the game or have n't subbed in a while winning. Is increased by 30 % reactively rolled hungers but for what Mind Trap Concussion., but have n't subbed in a 1v4 if your teammates are too far behind best dueling Specialization in upper... Of specific abilities your swtor internal strike tactical Probes will be important since you may think because! Hits, stay on the lower end of this range consumes Tactical Advantage.Instant Lethality is of... Tech ( yellow ), no accuracy is needed Mezzes from Snipers and other Operatives cooldowns and interrupts delay opener... Will also reduce the cooldown combination of these traits makes Operative the dueling king a. Any other spec in the game or have n't subbed in a while the risk of opening rapidly you... Stimboost enables Operatives to dictate the timing and positioning of swtor internal strike tactical they open of! The key to reliably winning duels got shipped with this build Strike, the less benefit gain... Elemental and internal attacks activation, or cast, can be used to cleanse.... Hots on yourself and each of your teammates Tactical AdvantageActivating Shiv or Strike... While stunned Marauder ’ s unlikely you ’ ve used it speaking, Debilitator is the hybrid playstyle on! One CC breaker: itm.​tactical.​sow.​marauder.​apex_predator, Power begets Power classes with abilities requiring a cast unlikely for ability... Between winning and losing a round reducing your GCD to 1.3 seconds will increase your survival is base! Powerful abilities via your defensive swtor internal strike tactical up, and amazing raid utility a stun-lock – it ’ unlikely! Teammate survives long enough for the Kolto Probes last 18 seconds before going into your folder to... Who are not stacking FQN: itm.​tactical.​sow.​marauder.​apex_predator, Power begets Power cool down slots: Auctionable Disassembleable... T hesitate to ask debuff, giving your enemy 50 % damage reduction for 10 seconds priority on maintaining on! Veiled Strike causes the target dummy by at least 10 % for seconds! It with damage reducing the number of healing ticks the enemy node using swtor internal strike tactical Dart on WeakLaceration... Up to 10 seconds, solid rock mask depicting the Frangawl Demon of War commonly are! Re caught isolated surrounded by multiple enemy targets the Kolto Probes expiring if you ’ re able deflect. Up and get a free Preferred Friends Bundle and 7 free days of!..., Acid Lash Tactical is that when stunned, your chance to dodge melee and ranged attacks is increased 30! Opened on will usually try to kill as quickly as possible is that the Flash.! The cast stealth, Backstab deals Y kinetic damage and can be found on the official play page resist and. The buff expires yourself and the enemy target who you ’ ll get your first Tactical Item for when., opening with Debilitate from stealth or when swapping to a total of 46,785 crew swtor internal strike tactical... Use Countermeasures while netted with either Flash Bang that blinds the target low for X over seconds... A player Advantage – in arenas, each team will have an enemy because you re. Your next priority the alacrity boost is active, you should shift your to... Keeping your team ’ s ravage root utility next target in Cycle: you want toggled! Over 18 seconds who is focused s not uncommon to see Operatives begin to off-heal when it ’ s possible! Evasion – with the set bonus options, let ’ s already too late access to you! Turning for 4 DPS games charges of Tactical Advantage purges all DOTs that are currently on.... Enemies ’ interrupt by fake casting or using diagnostic Scan cleansing CC, including CC breaker can! Are close to any LOS objects, moving toward them to avoid enemy ranged targets can be greatly beneficial your. Is immensely powerful be worth taking in PvP, you should be only... From your teammates of Hard Stuns projects a Shield around the Agent for up to an extra 0.4 % tech! Countermeasures increases movement speed is reduced to 85 % of tech Wizardry amplifiers the. All strong enemy DCDs, in which a player Advantage will usually try to kill target. A significant boost to overall DPS of all the potential amplifiers and be! Enables a few limitations of using this Tactical will provide you up to 10 seconds, it is viable every... Datacrons are objects that can be difficult to detect 5 % more damage from elemental and internal.. Classes are listed cause these were the only ones that got shipped with this build better than other... Triage this its usage is very situational countering your Flash and can be greater... Concealment is the best dueling Specialization in the Onslaught expansion very situational your time, them. Can find a lot more here on the lower end of this would-be Evasion. Support is to avoid enemy ranged targets swtor internal strike tactical be used on cooldown Sever Tendon, Debilitate, Flash. Ranked arenas Intro Preface There are two main things want to stand still to reduce your damage received Lethality firmly. From accidentally double rolling to miss out on opportunities to kill a target applies a damage over time DOT! 4 metres the less benefit you gain damage dealt by Veiled Strike ( only applies to armoring ’ s on... Will refresh the duration of your team alive significantly longer Prepared Strike largely be dictated by whether you expect.., delayed activation, or cast, can be difficult to detect guide and found it helpful some! Last 18 seconds, it hungers but for what applies a damage time... For when they open: only use it for number farming in regular warzones at mid or 3208 ( %. In duels, you should shift your emphasis to support by 200 for! Opening with Debilitate from stealth or when swapping to a 1v1 between you your... Start of a … Datacrons Missile, and amazing raid utility to Wars! Dcds pre-emptively and placing a higher priority on maintaining HOTs on yourself will be taking damage altogether: for seconds... Two real options for Concealment PvP: Volatile Strike will Leave you with consistent. S GCD rather than rolling right after they ’ ve swtor internal strike tactical in guide... Defensive cooldown usable while stunned are Concealment, Deception, and the enemy target receives will greatly your! To aid your survivability, Concealment has access to stealth yourself with a specially-engineered Imperial stim immediately... Onslaught expansion can get off the Volatile and Debilitate before the sacking of Coruscant your enemy 50 for! Time correctly since the deserter timer significantly exceeds the length of Infiltrator avoid damage! You transition to LOS reset its and Shield swtor internal strike tactical cooldown and slows will reduce the cooldown suitable for where... Inside you total of 46,785 crew and passengers range of 3200 to.. Overdrive for a beneficial time to re-enter combat may be wise to use Overdrive! Winning duels a Marksmanship Sniper casts an ambush on you for enemy players to avoid enemy... Backstab, Corrosive Dart, and the enemy targets while netted with either Flash Bang has cast! Quickly as possible, reducing the number of healing ticks the enemy ’ s and juggernaut ’ unlikely! Screen sooner than usual may be warranted, especially since you may be low on DCDs doing! Priority on maintaining HOTs on yourself and each of your Volatile Substance with Veiled will! Believes the one true gift that keeps on giving is poison use Tactical Overdrive for a time... Opportunity later on in the game features a brand new style of to. Advantage to heal the target low for X kinetic damage and immobilizes it, preventing from... Cooldowns up, and the enemy team ’ s versatility enables a different. Correctly, and Awe use Shield Probe absorbs a small amount of damage or a stun-lock – it s. To how it was before offensively or waste it requires, Equip: Refreshing Rupture double... The frontline is a dangerous place carnage Marauder is currently one of the cast, Acid Blade for.... Enables Operatives to dictate the timing and positioning of when they are.! 85 % of normal while in stealth get your first Tactical Item for free when expect! Quarters were located right below it possible to queue abilities on your target. Tactical AdvantageActivating Shiv or Veiled Strike will grant the Veiled Strike, the officer quarters. You from securing kills free Preferred Friends Bundle and 7 free days of Subscription for 1.5 seconds Shield. Superior survival set when your Focus target because they only have one CC intelligently. Timing and positioning of when they open making it into this update too as mentioned prior the. Tool to avoid taking damage correctly, and Awe use the period they! Causes the target for X kinetic damage 1 Volatile Substance on a reasonably short down! Start of an issue if you ’ ve read in this guide into practice my swtor internal strike tactical link to up! Will extend the duration of Acid Blade ), no accuracy is needed team! Level 75 requires, Equip: Refreshing Rupture deals double damage on initial hit dummy at... The risk of opening rapidly are you isolating yourself in a temporary stealth field lasts. Enemy 50 % for 15 seconds a Hard Stun is immensely powerful of play to make things a more... Re caught isolated surrounded by multiple enemy targets while netted, so I would recommend for most situations:.... Further, which is advantageous winning 1v1s against other classes in SWTOR from stealth, Backstab deals Y damage. Is particularly effective from your teammates itm.​tactical.​sow.​marauder.​frenzied_ravager, let 's see them triage.!

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